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Our top priority at AMS Collaborator is your data security. With our software, you can share sensitive information with confidence. Collaborate easily knowing that your efforts are shielded by robust security measures.

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An easy way to quickly share documents and files with Members, without having to create new Member accounts or perform more extensive steps to initiate a simple file share.

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Unlike other collaboration and document sharing tools, AMS is customizable, branded, and adaptable to you and your client’s needs. Make a great impression with your client who will feel that their site is uniquely theirs and managed by you, not a third party provider.

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No sign-up

Say goodbye to cumbersome registration processes. With AMS Collaborator, collaboration is made effortless. We've eliminated the need for users to sign up, simplifying the onboarding experience for your teams, clients, and vendors.

What our clients love about AMS Collaborator

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Document Collaboration

Share, sign, and organize your client documents to make collaboration easy.
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Data Management

Manage task lists, leave tracking, benefits, expenses, and more.
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File Sharing

Easily share files without requiring users to sign-up to access their information.
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Workflow Management

Easily assign tasks to participants and monitor progress to keep projects moving forward.
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Customized Workspaces

Design and brand each workspace to fit the unique needs of each client.
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User Access Permissions

Allow only certain participants to view, modify, and/or share your files and documents.

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Have questions about AMS Collaborator? Find fast answers to common queries in our FAQ section.

What is an extranet software?

Extranets bridge a company's network to authorized outsiders like clients and suppliers. Businesses benefit from smoother collaboration, information sharing, and efficiency. Clients enjoy improved access, communication, and transparency, leading to stronger partnerships and a win-win situation.

How much does AMS Collaborator cost?

While the cost varies depending on your specific needs, we offer flexible pricing plans to tailor the service to your budget. Schedule a brief call to discuss your requirements and so we may provide a personalized quote.

Why AMS Collaborator over Dropbox and other document sharing services?

Avoid the sign-up hassle for your clients. With AMS Collaborator, they can access files and information seamlessly, reducing complexity, security risks, and frustration. Plus, we do not spam you and your clients with ads.

Why should I trust AMS Collaborator with my company’s and client’s information?

For 25 years AMS Collaborator has been a leading provider of secure document and information sharing for some of the leaders in their industries. Our clients rave about our top-notch customer service, customizations, and support. We do not share your data, we do not require your clients to create an account, and we give you full control over your information, so that you could collaborate easily with your clients, vendors and teams.